CASKI SRL was born in 2022 by uniting two of the most important and consolidated companies regarding the production of helmets in Italy. But let's delve deeper into the history of these two all-Italian realities:

OSBE was founded in 1976 for the production of Intercom Communication Systems and since 1996 has extended production to the helmet sector. Initially in the car helmet sector, then motorcycle helmets and since 2001 also ski helmets.

Another important milestone in 2018: the production of bike helmets with technology such as Bluetooth, lights, etc. Today OSBE is the only manufacturer in the world that creates helmets for all types of mobility internally with passion.

OSBE is a company recognized as a manufacturer by the Ministry of Transport, but it is also an ambassador in the world of Made in Italy, thanks to its presence in 23 countries, from the USA to Japan.

OSBE designs and manufactures quality products, as recognized to customers by the ISO 9001:2015 certification as well as by obtaining the NCAGE code of NATO suppliers.

Even though it can boast a young and up-to-date style, DURALEU is a brand that has a long history behind it.

It was the 1930s when the elite body of the Spanish Police preferred it as a distinctive helmet for its motorcyclists: the DURALEU FORTE. Its unmistakable shape and its characteristics of resistance, comfort and practicality immediately made it an element of recognition for all motorcyclists.

At the end of the 90s, DURALEU becomes Italian and the style and imagination of Made in Italy is added to the historical tradition of the helmet.

Today DURALEU offers itself to an increasingly young audience, in step with the times, characterizing itself for a cutting-edge technique associated with Made in Italy style, creating a combination of safety and fashion.

All for a truly great product MADE IN ITALY

Security and Innovation are the watchwords of DURALEU which has been operating for over 20 years in the design and production of Made in Italy helmets: a company certified and accredited by the Ministry of Transport.

A long history of passion and innovation that is renewed every day in the constant search for increasingly refined products according to public requests: modern production techniques, continuous research for materials and adequate management systems guarantee high reliability and quality in design and development of the final product.